Ashly XR 1001

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The XR Series II crossovers all feature 24 dB per octave filters, infinitely variable crossover frequency and response, as well as both 1/4″” TRS phone jacks and XLR connectors for all inputs and outputs. Output Mute switches on each channel are included for convenient and accurate setup operation. A peak overload indicator monitors all critical points in the circuit to ensure low-distortion operation. A recessed switch on the front panel with an LED indicator allows for either normal or divide by ten frequency selection. The XR-1001 is a stereo two-way or mono three-way crossover. Crossover Frequency: 400Hz-8kHz (40Hz-800Hz*) 400Hz-8kHz (40Hz-800Hz*) (L-LM, LM-HM) 1.2kHz-24kHz (120Hz-2.4kHz*) (HM-H) * using divide by 10 range switch

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