PreSonus ACP88

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Compressor Features:

  • Threshold -40dB to +20dB.
  • Ratio 1:1 to 20:1.
  • Variable Attack. Variable Release. Hard/Soft Knee Transition Curves.
  • Auto/Manual Attack & Release Times.
  • Makeup Gain.
  • THAT 4301 VCA’s.
  • Full Gain Reduction Meters.
  • Above and Below Threshold LED’s.

Gate Features:

  • Threshold Off to +20dB.
  • Variable Attack.
  • Variable Release.
  • Switchable Gate Range -15dB and -60dB.
  • Gate Open/Close LED’s.


Connections and Special Features:

  • Servo balanced or unbalanced inputs & floating balanced or unbalanced outputs.
  • Side chain jack for spectral compression and a separate sidechain jack for gate processing on each channel.
  • The link feature uses a unique summing bus that provides multiple combinations of master/slave link setups.
  • Bypass on every channel. Servo balanced inputs & outputs for extremely low noise operation.
  • Road worthy construction with a high performance, built-in, power supply, the ACP88 is housed in an all steel chassis with a blue anodized aluminum front panel.

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