Gator GFW-MIXERCART-0400 Adjustable Mixer Stand w/Wheels

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  • Height and Angled Adjustable Wheeled Mixer Stand with locking casters and headphone hanging rack.
  • Holds Mixers, Surface Controllers, 1U Rack Mount Gear, Drum Machines, And Samplers
  • A Perfect Solution For The Studio And Stage Alike
  • Height And Angle Adjustability Provide Maximum Comfort And Versatility In Both Sitting And Standing Positions
  • Adjustable Width Securely Accommodates A Wide Range Of Gear
  • Locking Caster Base
  • Headphone / Cable Hanger Provides A Tidy Workspace

Length 23.23″

Width 20.87″

Height 29.13″

Weight 31.97 lbs

Additional information

Weight 34 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 30 × 32 in