Bose L1 Model II System Double B1 Bass Package

MSRP: $3,395.00

$2,798.00 $2,378.00

  • Spatial DispersionTM and Articulated Array speaker technologies in the loudspeaker produce wide, uniform sound coverage.
  • Integrated power amplifiers in the power stand provide clean, precise amplification for L1 Model II system with up to two B1 bass modules.
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  • ToneMatch® port on power stand for digital audio and power connection to ToneMatch audio engine.
  • Integrated power amplifiers in power stand deliver clean, precise amplification for L1 Model I loudspeaker and up to two B1 bass modules.
  • Analog input, trim control and signal/clip LED for line-level analog input via ¼” TRS phone cable.
  • The 24 small drivers are arranged using Articulated Array speaker technology in a slim, vertical enclosure-
  • The loudspeaker’s two-piece, interlocking design makes for quick and easy setup, breakdown and transport.
  • Creating nearly 180 degrees of horizontal coverage and consistent tonal balance.
  • Can be used for instruments or other audio sources like DJ mixers, MP3 players, computers or DVD systems.


 A complete PA System that fits in the trunk of your car, the L1® Model II Double Bass is recommended for DJs and lower-range instruments and voices. Also great for use as a bass guitar amplifier and for kick drums, this sleek system takes just a few minutes to set up. The L1 Model II Double Bass System provides wide coverage and smooth tonal balance. And it’s packed with proprietary Bose® technologies designed to improve your amplified sound. Like the original, award-winning Bose L1 system, the Model II sound system is an all-in-one innovation that replaces conventional monitors, mixers and PA speakers.

Weight80 lbs
Dimensions60 x 15 x 15 in