Yamaha CP-5

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88 Key Stage Piano

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The CP5 take the core sounds and technology of the CP1 and offer them in instruments that are both flexible and affordable enough to appeal to a wide range of people. In fact, the CP5 adds a wide range of sounds to the CP1. Clavs, organs, strings and more make the CP5 perfect for church, and live situations where everything needs to be performed on one keyboard. Moreover, the CP5 features not only Virtual Circuit Modeling effects, but many effects taken from the Motif XS line of synthesizers. The CP5 has the same NW-STAGE wooden action keyboard as same with the CP1.

* The core sound of SCM (Spectral Component Modeling) technology
* 17 selected acoustic and vintage electric piano sounds
* 305 additional sounds (clavs, organs, strings, and more) and various effects
* 14 rhythm kits and 100 rhythm patterns
* Customize function to create your original piano sound
* Record and playback functions for MIDI and audio
* Rhythm patterns for wide range of musical applications
* Convenient Master Keyboard function
* 88-key NW-STAGE keyboard (wooden synthetic ivory-weighted keyboard)
* 128-note maximum polyphony
* 49 modulation effects
* 8 power amp/compressor types
* 8 reverb types
* 3-band master compressor
* 5-band master equalizer
* 24-character, 2-line VFD display
* ¼” headphone output
* ¼” TS mono/stereo outputs
* ¼” TRS stereo outputs
* Sustain and assignable footswitches
* 2 foot controller inputs
* 1 mic input
* MIDI input, output, and throughput
* USB-to-host and to-device ports
* Includes power adaptor PA-150, FC3 foot pedal, and Cubase AI software

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