ETC Source Four LED Daylight (Body Only)

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It’s a Source Four® and an LED. ETC created Source Four LED™ luminaires to produce the most beautiful light possible from an LED source. You get the crisp optics, user-friendly functionality, and convenient size and shape that you love about the Source Four family of fixtures, along with the capable user-interface and high efficiency that made you fall for ETC’s Selador Desire™ line of LED luminaires.

Source Four LED Daylight™ luminaires feature 60 cool-white LED emitters with a 5600K color temperature that emulates natural daylight. The high-efficiency LEDs output large quantities of cool-spectrum white light while drawing less power than HMI fixtures. Source Four LED Daylights draw on the philosophy of the x7 Color System™ to create pure white light that beautifully illuminates skin tones or highlights architectural features.

No burnt gels, fewer lamp replacements, superior output. Source Four LEDs outperform other LED spotlight brands when it comes to lumens per watt. They use 50,000-hour lamps for incredible longevity, so you can go green without compromising on light quality.

Source Four LED luminaires feature a user-interface that you can use to set your fixtures’ performance. Choose from a range of modes and settings on individual fixtures, or control up to nine connected luminaires in a master-slave configuration.

Your inventory just got simpler. The same barrel that you use on your existing Source Four fixtures will fit the Source Four LED, as well as the same accessories and lenses. The best Source Four LED performance comes from using the Source Four EDLT (Enhanced Definition Lens Tube), which is available in all of the same versions as traditional Source Fours and in an LED-only 50° lens tube.

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