Ace Backstage SOFTPOD

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This NEW version of the ACE BACKSTAGE CO., INC. SOFTPOD (B) has been updated to accommodate all types of vocal microphones and will hold up to 6 on one stand. Secure the SOFTPOD to any standard microphone stand to hold any combination of wireless or wired handheld microphones. The soft foam illustrated in image (A) isolates and cushions microphones from each other and minimizes noise when placing or removing microphones. Sturdy black metal base threads directly onto any standard microphone stand. The Microphone SOFTPOD’s small footprint (C) and lightweight design make it great for small locations and portable systems.

FLEXIBLE APPLICATIONS: Mic Softpod applications include performances, events, productions etc.

FLEXIBLE MOUNTING : Mic Softpod will mount on most standard microphone stands

EASY SETUP: Quick and easy set-up and take-down of threaded microphone softpod

HIGH CAPACITY: 6 Microphone capacity means it will work in multiple mic applications

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Steel, 16 gauge (.062″ thick)

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 2 in