Countryman H-6 Dual Ear Head Worn Microphone for Shure Wireless

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Nearly Invisible Headset Mic — Optimized for Vocal Performance

With an extremely even polar pattern and an unobtrusive design that disappears at distances of 15 feet, the Countryman H6 Omnidirectional Mic — one of the smallest headset mics in the world — is perfect for vocal performances of all kinds. Concerts, lessons, musical theater; the H6 Omni is up for any challenge where clean, focused sound with low performer obstruction is in demand. Its comfortable, adjustable headset wraps around the head and ears for invisibility and stability. And its low-profile boom mic with rice grain-sized capsule falls effortlessly beside the mouth to keep sight lines wide open. An included rugged cable with sweat-resistant connector equips the Countryman H6 Omni from Sweetwater for years of dependable performance.

Extremely low profile

With a diameter that’s only as wide as a no. 2 pencil lead, the Countryman H6 Omni, the lowest-profile headset mic in the world, is primed to keep the audience’s attention squarely where it belongs — on the performer, not on the equipment.

Well equipped for any user

Hotspots are no problem with the omnidirectional Countryman H6 Omni headset mic. Its even polar pattern picks up sound all around the performer. Not only that, but with its adjustable headset, the H6 Omni ensures a comfortable, invisible fit on any wearer.


Rugged cable

Despite its impossibly tiny size (1.2mm), the Countryman H6 Omni’s included audio cable is impressively rugged. Aramid fibers and engineered alloys give it flex and strength, for quality performance every time you plug in.

Sweat-resistant connector

A reality of our profession is that performers sweat. The Countryman H6 Omni comes well equipped, with a cable connecter that forms a tight seal to keep out moisture as the heat rises.


Countryman H6 Omni Headset Mic Features:

  • High-quality omnidirectional microphone
  • Optimized for vocal performance
  • Great for stages, theaters, and houses of worship
  • Super small — practically invisible from more than 15 feet away
  • Ultra lightweight — users won’t even know they’re wearing it
  • Rugged cable with water-resistant connector
  • Adjustable headset won’t interfere with hats, hairstyles, and headphones
  • Available for most manufacturer’s wireless systems


Tech Specs

  • Microphone Type: Condenser
  • Compatibility: All Shure w/TA4F (Tiny QG)
  • Connector: TA4F (For Shure)
  • Polar Pattern: Omni
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Max SPL: 130 dB
  • Self Noise: 29 dB (A)
  • Color: Tan
  • Cable Length: 5 ft.
  • Weight: .23 oz (6.5g)
  • Manufacturer Part Number: H6OW6TSL





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