Littlelite 18XR-4-LED Light (M32/Pro1/M7CL/LS9)

MSRP: $89.00


Littlite 18XR-4-LED-M32

A special configuration for the Midas M-32 and Behringer X-32 Compact digital audio consoles. This standard 18XR-4-LED gooseneck light has the 4-Pin insert rotated 180 degrees to accommodate the orientation of the rear mounted XLR connector on the M-32 and X-32.

GEN V LED Specs.                 
Wattage: 1.5-Watt LED Array
Draw @ 12-Volts: 150 mA
Light Output @ 12”: 398 Lux
Color Temperature: 4000K
Color Rendering (CRI): 85 Ra