DBX Driverack 260

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Complete Equalization & Loudspeaker Control System

There is a reason that Tour Sound Professionals and discriminating Audio Contractors choose dbx DriveRack products for their high-end tours and installs. The DriveRack products provide the tools that ensure that the system sounds its very best. With the introduction of the new 260, the heritage of unrivaled system/loudspeaker control continues.

* Feedback Elimination
* 2.7 Seconds of Alignment and Zone Delay
* RS-232 PC GUI control
* Classic dbx Compression and Limiting
* Graphic and Parametric EQ
* Auto-EQ Function
* Full Bandpass, Crossover, and Routing Configurations
* Auto Gain Control
* Pink Noise Generator and fulltime RTA
* Setup Wizard with JBL speaker and Crown Power Amplifier Tunings
* Security Lockout
* Wall Panel Control Inputs

Weight9 lbs


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