Nexo PS15 R2 High Output Loudspeaker

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High Output Processed Loudspeaker

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Nexo PS15-R2


This enclosure is in a class all by itself. The unique rotatable asymmetrical coverage pattern of the true 2″ exit horn combined with the recommended Nexo processor produces extremely hi SPLs with an exceptionally smooth frequency response.
The PS15 R2 loudspeaker can be safely driven with over 1000Watts of amplifier power, yet it has a small volume and reduced weight. The dispersion, architecture and weight balance of the PS15 Loudspeaker are designed to provide both exceptional PA and stage monitor performance from a single product without compromise. This flexibility is realized by a proprietary constant directivity asymmetrical dispersion horn, easily rotated in four positions, at 90? increments, by the user.
The horn’s unique progressive horizontal (50? to 100?) and vertical (+25?, -30?) dispersion can easily be adapted for vertical or horizontal PA usage or wedge monitoring. NEXO’s unique Active Fullrange Processing enables the 2-way passive 8? design to deliver bi-amped performance using a single amplifier channel, for less money, space and complexity.


High power 2-way, full range loudspeaker system with a multi-use cabinet adaptable for PA,

stage monitoring or fill applications. Recommended use only with PS15U-TD-V3 or NX242-ES4

TDController or appropriate NXAMP. Black painted finish

Freq Res: 50Hz-18kHz +-3dB Peak SPL: 133-136dB

Disp: 50 to 100°H x 55°V Rotatable Sensitivity: 102dB SPL

LF: 15”, HF: 2” throat, 3” titanium diaphragm Nominal Impedance: 8ohms

Dimensions/Shape (HxWxD): 26 5/8” x 17 1/8” x 14 1/2”, Multi-angle wedge

Weight: 64 lbs

Weight80 lbs
Dimensions16 x 14 x 24 in


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